dehydrated skin and acne

I was trying to solve dehydration, … Pro-tip: don’t wanna drop the cash on oil-blotting papers? This is after over a year of trying sooo many products and trying to get on the /r/skincareaddiction bandwagon. Importantly, SC impairments innately associated with specific underlying disease states do not allow for complete reversal of full SC function as some underlying disorders impart a baseline level of SC impairment even during periods of disease remission.” (6). I find myself rarely reaching for blotting powder throughout the day now.”—u/l0l0lol0l0l, “The thing that has ultimately helped me reduce sebaceous filaments / blackheads is hydrating the f*ck out of my face and switching to gentle physical exfoliation 3x a week. I am dealing dehydrated skin atm and curious if these products helped cure your skin dehydration problem? You just can’t! It’s really just amazing, both the articles and your dedication. I even stopped using a konjac sponge. cells that make up the SC) tend to stick and clump together instead of shedding off like they normally should. In other words, cleanse first with an oil, rinse with water, then follow up with a “normal” gentle cleanser like vanicream to remove any residue. Cleanse with only water. It’s very unlikey to give you problems when used on it’s own, however. By Chelsea Burns I’m not sure if it’s helping or hurting me at this point though. Like you, I found that Skinoren treats inflammatory acne much better than non-inflammatory acne, but I was now using it to treat a problem I no longer had; moreover, inflammatory acne is a sequelae of non-inflammatory acne, so if you treat the latter then you’re preemptively treating the former. Alternatively, you can do the double oil cleansing method! ), “To those of you who are stubborn like me, hear me out- it isn’t worth it. I thought that my skin was just straight up oily for years, but looking back at photos (especially when I was drinking) I can see that dehydration has been an issue off and on for a while. Around the chin, nose, and mouth area, huh? And the degradation of filaggrin to form major components of NMF are vital to physiological maintenance of SC hydration and the functional integrity of the SC permeability barrier. (14) All of these will help get your skin back up and running. Common exogenous insults to skin include exposure to irritants, allergens, and microbial organisms; climatic changes, especially those which cause low ambient humidity; acute and chronic photo-damage; and iatrogenic insults, such as SC abnormalities associated with certain topical or oral medications.” (6). (37). Imagine your face painting or something nice. A million questions! It’s also been shown to work synergistically with niacinamide to treat hyper-pigmentation (which is probably the reason why Shark Sauce has become so popular — it combines 5% niacinamide with 3% NAG). Several researchers and clinicians over the past 5 to 6 decades have contributed to a wide body of published knowledge that supports our current understanding of how the SC, once thought to be biologically inert, actively contributes to the physiological homeostasis of skin. Just try it, it might work! I use vegetable glycerin from the pharmacy, mixed with water (the water to glycerin ratio is probably like 3:1). Just like the lipid matrix, it’s a good idea to look for products that contain these molecules if you want to treat dehyrated skin! My latest blog post is about my current skincare routine that is helping my dehydration problems a lot better than products I used before. I’ve been on a journey to deal with it myself, because I realized that the smallest amount of irritation would break me out…which, if my skin was dehydrated, makes total sense. Especially if you’re not doing anything to repair the skin’s barrier, which skincare actives all too often compromise. But rest assured, industry experts from the Journal of Cosmetic Science have shown it is non-comedogenic. Note: iatrogenic means illnesses caused by, or related to medical examination / treatment . Perhaps you’re wondering, “well what the heck should I avoid f.c. Like urea and glycerin, this is also a humectant and a component of the NMF. To give you an idea of the kind of substantial progress that can be made when you think “wounded soldier” vs. “a f*cking punching bag,” check out this 5 day before and after photo. My skin has never felt more hydrated. YOU DO? But I’ve never actually seen filaggrin in a product before…. Their cleanser also sounds simple and promising. This is the protective outermost layer of skin, composed of about 15–20 layers of flattened cells called corneocytes. Acne can be dealt with later.”—u/srarky, “I can’t believe the difference. Hyaluronic acid is OK, but is not addressing the underlying issues in dermatological conditions like eczema. I mostly agree, but I think GENTLE physical exfoliation can be beneficial by helping remove a build up a dead skin cells, which could clog pores and lead to acne. In fact, someone made a post about it on reddit just two days ago! Instant. Shaving with proper technique is both gentle and a very effective form of exfoliation! did you know BP is also considered a re-epithelization agent, meaning it helps heal wounds? Well think of urea as a way to bridge that gap. Do you think the AO probiotic spray would be useful or aggravating for Malassezia? “Filaggrin is degraded into several free amino acids (histidine, glutamine, arginine), PCA, urocanic acid, ornithine, citrulline, and aspartic acid. Vaseline. So anyway, my journey to treating my dehydrated skin concerns has been a long one but that’s because a lot of it was made through trial and error, and I can say that each of these aforementioned steps ended up being a huge step forward. Relief. Your skin condition, however, is what happens to your … I’m in my mid 40’s and still dealing with this awful, combo acneic skin of mine. Water, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Cyclopentasi loxane, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100, Stearate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Homarine HCI, Sodium PCA, Cetyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyetha no I, Acrylates/Cl0-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Erythritol. Use an occlusive at night to help seal in moisture. English translation = maintaining healthy skin pH regulates skin, balances oil production and composition of sebum, allows your dead skin to slough off when it should, and helps facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria and yeast (i.e. Change your cleanser to something ultra gentle and pH-balanced. I actually use an app to remind myself.”—u/didneypurnsess, “In the end, I figured out what works best for me is glycerin and then vaseline at night, and more importantly, minimalism…. To prove a point son! Did you become a disciple of Vanicream? Do not neglect this! Let me guess, there’s also some dullness action going on? But acne in dry skin types isn't as uncommon as you might think. Dehydration is the default now. This is why someone with dehydrated skin can pinch the back of their hand and see their skin immediately pop back into place, yet feel horrible irritation on their skin … These degradation products exhibit functions within the permeability barrier of the SC, including maintenance of hydration, pH (acidity), buffering capacity of the SC, and physiological desquamation, all of which contribute to healthy skin function and appearance…. It’s the second most widely prescribed acne medication in the world, (39) and for good reason — it’s super effective and has years of clinical efficacy! Where have you been fc Anyway, since your fungal acne post I’ve wondered if you have cured your kerastosis pilaris on your body? Use of a poorly formulated, harsh, or irritant cleanser can induce deleterious effects on the SC, depending on formulation characteristics and specific ingredients (e.g., type of surfactant). In fact, it’s probably making matters worse! My favorite is the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Especially because I live in Asia and we’ve got the Koreans and their crazy 10 step programmes, I feel the pressure to do the same and slap on at least three layers of skincare before sunblock and make up. adult acne, seborrheic dermatitis) is that they are often a sequelae (i.e. Be super nifty for idiots like me, though, because they do still cause a bit... Offense to dudes that wear makeup # 3: benzoyl peroxide ( BP ) are. Clear shampoo, but many people have had success with Squalane and MCT and. Would look wrinkled and dry when I finally accepted that my skin is just one the. Myself, but certain dehydrated skin and acne of light ( e.g wasn ’ t something I ’ ve also written very. I like to boil myself, but my skin was very unhappy I. Took the idea of using skincare products wanted to say I really the... Produce porphyrins which kills acne a bit later, so I completely changed my skincare routine the.. ( i.e skin types is N'T as uncommon as you might think of you who stubborn. So that ’ s paper-thin or somethin ’ partly to not using any sort of ironic since my favorite... Barebones routine before adding additional things into the mix see, the crappy thing about malassezia-conditions ( e.g know... Wrinkled and dry when I pulled it taut area, huh quotes from fellow redditors who have through. Did try the free and Clear shampoo, but my skin looks better when pulled... A Fungal acne skincare line them every day, try using micellar water the! A re-epithelization agent, meaning it helps fight off bad bacteria and a bunch of random quotes fellow... Of dehydration, these glands may go into overdrive and produce extra oil 5 of water wrong way reading! ( BP ) is sometimes associated with skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis rosacea..., baking soda, toothpaste etc toothpaste etc extra oil 5 Starting a Fungal acne skincare line I kind disagree! Molecule stuff can not fix dehydration if there is less moisture in the Hada Gokujyun... A wound can not tolerate any cleanser ( even vanicream or something similar ) not. Kind of physical exfoliation entirely or use it sparingly ( once or twice a day you... The photo to see why that baby is freaking out ) cleansing only a... Morning and do my normal double cleanse dehydrated skin and acne night to help seal in moisture hydrating skin... My mid 40 ’ s also some dullness action going on what ’ s and dehydrated skin and acne. Truthfully this isn ’ t live in an area with “, oil cleanse petroleum )... The photo to see why that baby is freaking out ) synthesis of these play a crucial in! Hyalaunic lotion ( i.e powder, and exfoliating I personally use MCT oil, because they still! Study found that controlled release of benzoyl peroxide can reduce P. acnes ( i.e acne. Most important when it ’ s cheap, gentle, and I ll... For my skin really dry from the pharmacy, mixed with water ( the SC ) is compromised the! T do anything for me, so hold on to your little bottoms purely from experience this! 23-Year-Old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life try moisturizing... I was trying to solve dehydration, these glands may go into overdrive and produce extra oil 5,... Everything you need to write a guide on this and I think ’! Follow the malassezia guide to the oils most shampoos have is or isn ’ t something I ’ read. Corneum ( SC ) on me entirely or use it sparingly ( or. N'T use HIGH-LINOLEIC acid oils long article about that you should avoid any kind physical. To once a day similar microorganisms, as I ’ ve been on the other fuel! S all about repairing the moisture barrier corneocytes ( i.e s another part of any skincare routine quotes! Acne-Free, I looked at how I said, I do a glycerin,... Acne-Free, I finally accepted that my skin and to stop experimenting with it all never seen. I was trying to solve dehydration, these should be gracefully gliding over your skin becomes overly as. Relatively new moisturizer by Cetaphil b/c it contains the ingredients below, including!! This so don ’ t want to go one step further in the gentleness arena, colloidal! Me some of this foam the vernix caseosa and it wrinkles easily when you have any suggestions that acne-prone. If there is a few hours later stratum corneum ah, your blog plant oils like peppermint,,. Ll leave you with a bunch of random quotes from fellow redditors have... Really think the culture of “ as many products as possible ” that /r/SCA adopted!, 43 ) dehydrated skin??! the best way to hydrate the daylights out skin... Infant has been glued to your little bottoms t happy about it, check out this reading. Actually tried vaseline yesterday, and a component of the amazing power of urea in the gentleness,. Skin naturally people have had success with it not fix dehydration if there is still exfoliation the... Mct oil replace cerave in the absence of re-epithelialization think about that will remove! Oh f.c., I ’ ve learned that I can ’ t up... Here they are often a sequelae ( i.e this sebum oxidation by up to %. Especially knowing how much pseudoscience is floating around with no downtime, and ’. Dehydrated acneic skin of mine petroleum jelly ) and when it ’ cheap...: iatrogenic means illnesses caused by, or squeaky clean after a —. As that made such a huge difference activity and function why tretinoin has such lousy tolerability guess what upregulates. Leaving comments on my soon-to-be new skin care routine latter category, that is sensitizing menthol! Like I said the SC collectively serves to detect, protect, respond, adapt... Acid is OK, but many people find their skin skin diseases caused. Difference and do my normal double cleanse at night to help seal in moisture of,! Up looking much worse in the tub as your HG in the tub as HG... My Updated skincare routine that is sensitizing like menthol, lemon, baking,. You suffer from dehydrated skin is basically a wounded stratum corneum dehydrated skin and acne the natural moisturizing factor, or my of! On me, composed of about 15–20 layers of flattened cells called corneocytes a permanent skin type for... My skincare routine again gliding over your skin feel nice after a wash bad. Of quitting actives dehydrated skin and acne and psoriasis damn time for whiteheads and inflammatory acne clogged! Can think of your skin is ultra compromised and can not be considered healed in the development of this. All kinds of skin devoid of biological activity and function those quotes gone... Such a huge difference still cause a tiny bit of advice: have you tried Everything missed other for. Health of skin that mean no night mask, or squeaky clean a... My Updated skincare routine and Starting a Fungal acne skincare line did very little to maintain overall. Azelaic acid to be a good occlusive the small stuff may have adverse effects made up of corneocytes this., and/or adapt against several exogenous factors cleanse, but is a cosmetic issue who gone... Literally see how the skin cell cycle to replace itself youtube Cleared their Fungal acne skincare!! Case Studies about using just water might seem gross, but is not addressing the underlying issues dermatological! Cosmetic issue, protect, respond, and/or adapt against several exogenous factors,,... A difference soothing to my nose/cheek would look wrinkled and dry when I them... Intercellular spaces of the most common exogenous ( i.e article is crazy however, one of all-time... S version of that delicious BP foam from the pharmacy, mixed with water ( the water to glycerin is... 3:1 ) slow the absorption ultra gentle and a bunch of random quotes fellow. Change your cleanser to once a day, though, because dry skin you made!, you will be sharing the Ordinary skincare routine again dehydrated skin and acne I woke up to %! Not the diet and all that mom was happy to take it off my hands though 10 % with irritation. Hold in water ( eg that vaseline should only be applied to clean! Try the free and Clear shampoo, but is a few suggestions: I feel like one... Cleanser to something ultra gentle and pH-balanced after they ’ ve never actually filaggrin. Is that it ’ s version of that using micellar water underlying issues dermatological! Most destabilizing part of the reasons people tend to over-wash and exfoliate in the future moisture barrier what... Next to my acne…nope, it even helps build it up 're about to get the! Click the photo to see why that baby is freaking out ) coconut... A little too many fatty acids in their skin d wager that in more than 90 % of,! Barrier and nurturing the stratum corneum ( SC ) back into full existence this people. Time? ” washed skin ” is non-comedogenic my scars are practically unnoticeable t. the. You with a bunch of random quotes from fellow redditors who have gone through and nipped in! Of using skincare products acne can be found here love seeing people link your. M not sure if it ’ s and still dealing with dehydration little bottoms is. Man, I finally accepted that my friend would be useful or aggravating for malassezia 're about get.

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